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ABC of when to celebrate the Islamic guest! + G For worship Muslims are obliged the worship of the day times, it does not change even if the trip in. Before dawn of worship, the day of worship, the afternoon worship, worship of the sunset, but is a night of worship and times, it is possible that the corresponding in if travelers worship schedule, such as the following. Normal of worship Destination of the mosque, tourist facilities, shopping malls, train stations, if it is possible to worship in such as restaurants, itinerary of the day go smoothly. Installation and Qibla within accommodation, worship time table, it is useful when there is a lending services, such as worship for the equipment. Worship timetable Since the day-to-day time is different depending on the location, but it is best to make sure every time. If accompanied by a move by the itinerary, because the time by the destination is different, you need to check in advance. Worship time table, you can see on the Internet. KOBE Fajr Sun rise Dhuhr Asr Magrib Isha . July.

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