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For worship

ABC of when to celebrate the Islamic guest! + G About the culture of the Islamic society, and talking with people, as may always say, it will be a topic to be of Muslim worship. And, with respect to five times of worship in one day at that time, I get always the opinion that [time to unreasonable]. In practice, however, a short period of time to simplify the worship, such as when there is no time to spare (- 0 minutes), it's a rational worship that can be dispensed with. The person who is doing the worship every day to give the mentally peace by worship, makes the subsequent work make progress told the utility of worship. Worship (Sarato) The Muslim worship is called Sarato in Arabic. In the Holy Quran, it is written that detail the meaning of worship along with the other teachings. In Islam, Allah is the only God, should not as an object of worship a person other than Allah. Worship is not only this world, after the death of flourish also human beings in the world, it is one of the things that must be. Worship and the Holy Quran Allah in the Holy Quran, says as follows for worship.

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