ABC of when to celebrate the Islamic guest! + G

Muslim hospitality

ABC of when to celebrate the Islamic guest! + G The voice of the actual Muslim It and the corresponding measures Muslims trouble while traveling Tourists have trouble problem No. is the meal. Specific voice in restaurant I came to Japan, do not know what to eat for good. Since the meal in Japan had heard that it is very, was to bring instant noodles and canned from their own country (Thailand, Malaysia, is a voice that I often hear from Indonesia, such as Southeast Asia tourists) Menu is not known at the display of only the Japanese, do not know the only model and photos, not eat afraid At least notation in English is required. If there is no Halal menu is good and there is a vegetarian menu. [Raw materials of vegetable properties need to be careful because there is also a shop that does not though about the seasoning also been confirmed] Still good to be able to also check for seasoning. List of halal restaurants is not, credibility is a concern even Halal restaurant that most are immediately trust is a Muslim owner restaurant that is offering referred to as Halal.

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