ABC of when to celebrate the Islamic guest! + G

Hospitality actually a Muslim

ABC of when to celebrate the Islamic guest! + G Once you actually supposed to welcome the Muslims Do you put out what meals to Muslim people? It was supposed to hospitality towards the Muslims are coming to Japan, do not know what should I Could eat anything, you may also some people that. For the Muslim diet, does not mean that completely different things that ordinary Japanese people eat, you mean attention to some of the points, we also can also enjoy a meal together Muslims. [What is Halal? The How to identify? But it came out even] for the meal of the Muslims, and basically summarize the point should be careful, Vegetables, fruits, grain is OK Even in animal foods, eggs dairy products is OK The fish is basically OK. However, [scales with no fish] is There are those who bad. Meat use the meat, which is written as [Halal (Halal)]. Alcohol is NG. Let's also avoid using cooking. Also in seasoning it might contain alcohol. For even sweets and snacks, gelatin and lard, let's check is not turned on, such as alcohol. If you have that I do not know, let's listen to himself.

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