How To Keep Your Cool During A Recession (Or A Pandemic) And Prosper While Others Are Panicking

As the Coronavirus quarantine starts to lift and the world starts to get back to normal, digital agencies need to reflect on what we’ve learned over the past few months.

One of the most common questions I’ve been getting over the past several months is about how to stay calm. As the sky is falling down around you, how do you minimize stress so you can think clearly, make smart decisions, and adapt? 

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5 Ways To Beat Imposter Syndrome (And Replace It With Ironclad Confidence)

You’ve heard it a million times: “Fake it until you make it.” 
Every entrepreneurship guru and personal development expert loves repeating this. 
And they’re completely wrong. 
I agree with the idea of not waiting until everything is perfect to get started. And I agree with pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. 
But here’s the problem with “faking it”: it leads to false bravado. And whenever there’s a gap in honesty, it opens the door for mistrust. 

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Why You Should Never Offer Discounts (And 3 Alternative Tactics For Overcoming Price Objections)

It sucks talking about money. 

We’ve all had that moment when we tell our prospect, “My service costs $X” and the number lingers in the air. You start thinking, “Is their jaw going to hit the floor? Are they going to walk out? Or did I actually price it too low and they’re going to think I’m an amateur?” 
I’m not going to say you should never give a discount, but today I’m going to share five ideas that are even more powerful. Try these and you can get the results you’re looking for, while keeping your money. 

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How to Keep Your Clients Coming Back…And Spending More

I spend a lot of time at client meetings, mastermind events and in Facebook groups talking to other agency owners about what they can do to reach new clients. To acquire new business. To generate new leads.

Now, of course, I recognize the importance of all of these conversations and what they mean to building the business that we’re all trying to build.

But, humor me for a minute.

Is there a chance that sometimes we’re focusing on the wrong aspect of building our agency? What if we had a shift in mindset? What if, just for today…or this week…or this month…we need to set our sights on our current clients?

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5 Lessons From Businesses That Thrived During Recessions 

And there are countless more unknowns. So even as things slowly start to recover, many digital agency owners and aspiring entrepreneurs remain fearful about the future. “Is now a good time to launch my business? Will I really be able to grow my business over the months ahead?” 

The good news is that we can look back at depressions and recessions throughout history and learn lessons to apply to our current situation. Countless businesses have been launched and grown during economic downturns, and we can do the same. 

Keep these principles in mind to survive and thrive…

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3 Product Ideas You Can Launch Even With No Email List And No Following

There are a million entrepreneurship gurus, all pushing their strategy for making millions online. Ecommerce, dropshipping, membership sites, ebooks, consulting, SaaS products, apps… the list goes on and on. 
These are all great business models. In fact, we use quite a few of these in our businesses today. 
But most of them come down to one fatal flaw: they’re not the right fit for the average beginner. 

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5 Strategies To Land Clients Without Leaving Your House

Over the last several years, my team and I have made a name for ourselves by coming up with crazy ways of getting in front of clients. Donut Drops, cardboard tubes, niche podcasts… these are keywords that sound funny to outsiders, but they represent some of the biggest drivers of our business. Which is why since the quarantine started, countless people have been reaching out to us saying, “Is it too late to start my digital agency? I was just getting started before the Coronavirus hit, and now that we’re locked down I can’t go meet prospects in person!” 

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How To Generate New Business From Dead Leads

We get emails every day from business owners scrambling to survive the Coronavirus recession. Everyone is looking for strategies and ideas to weather the storm. 

The vast majority of people completely forget about an incredible asset that is sitting right under their nose… their dead leads. Many of our clients track their outreach with a spreadsheet, or with a CRM like Pipedrive. If you do as well, this is a great resource to start generating new business. 

Here’s how to heat up those dead leads and start making sales… 

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14 Tools To Grow Your Business During The Covid Crisis

I see so many businesses right now that are saying, “The economy is doing terribly, so we’re going to stop spending money on advertising until things get back to normal.” This is like saying there’s not enough oxygen so you’re going to hold your breath…

The fact is, you need to advertise more during a recession. And in fact, all of the things business normally do become more important:

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10 Industries Unaffected By Coronavirus (That You Can Pitch With Your Services)

It’s true that times are tough. If you’re scared or hurting, you’re 100% justified to feel that way. I totally understand, and I’d be lying if I said I’ve felt uncertainty creep in as well. 

But at the same time, there are massive opportunities being created right now. And if we can take a moment to collect ourselves and focus on taking proactive steps, you just might realize there are ways to actually grow your business bigger and faster than you ever imagined. 

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