Episode 002 – How to Build a $10K per Month Business Around Posting on Social Media.

Welcome to Episode #02 of Digital Agency Insiders – How to Build a $10K per Month Business Around Posting on Social Media. I am your host Ben Adkins with my co-host for today, Tabitha Thomas.

Tabitha Thomas is presently the Director of Human Resources for Fearless Social, a company that specializes in marketing tools for online businesses. She’s also my partner in crime in the Digital Agency Insiders side. 

Wondering which industries benefit the most from active social media postings? Are your clients one of them? Tune in to learn more!

Here’s just a taste of what we talked about today:

  • We had an energetic discussion on how social media posting created a lot of money for us over the last couple of years. In today’s episode, we shared how you can build a $10,000 per month business if you hustle on social postings for your clients.
  • Dig deeper into Facebook postings. A great service we offer is a very low investment for our clients with high returns, and yet low time investment for us. It’s a win-win for everybody. 
  • So how do you choose the industries best suited for your social posting services? Some businesses like restaurants won’t be a great fit because not all restaurants will have the same specialized dish. Find out which ones will!
  • Getting in on your potential clients’ radar can be tricky, find out how we were able to get their attention and how we started our agency by doing the hack we shared in today’s episode. 
  • Lastly, doughnuts! Find out how these sugary sweets can open doors for you.

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Also, we mentioned these helpful tools on the show. 

  • https://www.postplanner.com/ – A super simple social media app that helps administrators automate and curate social media posts. 
  • https://www.watermark.ws/ – An app that adds watermarks on images and videos to help spread your name/brand online. 
  • https://nichegraphic.com/ – An online store/service where entrepreneurs/businesses can purchase targeted niche graphics for their social media posts.