Episode 056 – Connecting Podcasters with Relevant Guests to Expand Reach & Audience

Welcome to Episode #056 of The Digital Agency Insiders Podcast – Connecting Podcasters with Relevant Guests to Expand Reach & Audience.

This week’s special guest is Andrew Allemann.

In this episode, Andrew discusses how he built PodcastGuests.com and shared some helpful tips to prepare for a podcast interview. We also talked about, some interesting topics such as crafting the perfect pitch, common mistakes that new podcasters repeatedly make, and the top three mistakes podcasters make when selecting a guest on their podcast.

Andrew Allemann is a podcast expert and the founder of PodcastGuests.com. He is also the owner of DomainNameWire.com and has been quoted in major publications such as The New York Times.

Here’s just a taste of what we talked about today:

We first talked about Andrew’s path to becoming an entrepreneur.

Andrew knew that he always had that entrepreneurial bug ever since he was a kid. He would go buy a pack of candy, repackage it and sell it at schools. When he was in college, he created websites that he sold to people.

After college, he got a traditional job for the first five years. It was right then when the dot com boom was happening and decided to start his own first company in 2005 and went from there.

And then Andrew shared why he built podcastguests.com and what did the first six months look like when he first started?

Andrew went on and started his podcast, but after releasing his first 50 episodes he ran out of interesting people to interview. He tried looking for ways to connect with potential podcast guests through a PR agency but it was costly. Andrew wanted a free and easy way to find guests, but couldn’t find one so he created a platform called Podcast Guests.

At first, Andrew didn’t know what the platform would become and how it would work. He started by getting a couple of hundred people using it. The idea was it would be an email-based service, every week he sent out a list of podcast shows who are looking for guests. If they fit for any of them, all they need to do is click the link and pitch themselves.

Andrew sent one out in the first week and started to make some matches. Some of the podcasts were getting five to 10 pitches, which he thought was a really good start for having a couple of hundred people using the service, and then it scaled from there.

The first six months for Andrew was filling out how it was working and how to scale because a service like this needs a lot of people on both sides, it needs podcasters and the guests.

We also discussed a few other fun topics, including:

  • The key benefits of being a guest on a podcast.
  • Reasons why Andrew started his own podcast, particularly in the domain industry niche.
  • Why should someone be a podcaster?
  • The size of the podcast or the fit of the podcast, which of these are more important?
  • How would Andrew go about crafting the perfect pitch to get guests onto his show?
  • The top three mistakes that podcasters make when they’re selecting a guest.
  • Tips to prepare for a podcast interview.
  • Big mistakes that new podcasters repeatedly make and how do they go about fixing those?
  • How can somebody determine if doing a podcast is right for them and their business?
  • Andrew’s most memorable episode.

But you’ll have to watch or listen to the episode to hear about those!

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