Episode 053 – Revolutionizing Your Digital Marketing Agency to Earn Brand Recognition

Welcome to Episode #053 of The Digital Insiders Podcast – Revolutionizing Your Digital Marketing Agency to Earn Brand Recognition.

Today’s featured digital agency owner is Jeff Mendelson.

In this episode, Jeff talks about how he helps digital marketing agencies earn brand recognition, his journey as an entrepreneur, and how he does all these while traveling and managing his remote team.

Jeff Mendelson is a digital marketer, strategist, podcaster, lead gen expert, president, creator in chief heading multiple businesses, and the founder of Effectivo.Social – a digital marketing company based in Miami, FL.

Here’s just a taste of what we talked about today:

We talked about Jeff’s exciting journey to becoming an entrepreneur. Is this something he wanted from a young age or something that just popped up along the way?

Jeff realized that the more he worked, whether it is for a huge corporation, the more he was building and enriching someone else’s dream. But at that time he didn’t quite know how to break out of it.

He became a real estate agent and bought a book about that industry while checking out what other websites were doing so he could build an online presence for himself. After five months of hassle, someone told him that being an agent and a salesman was not for him. So he moved on to a different job.

With some free time in the afternoon, Jeff started to teach himself how to build websites through Joomla, WordPress, and a little bit of PHP. He started to get compliments and even awarded as the most productive employee of the month. Then after 11 years and a half, he got fired and pursued building websites for his clients.

Then we talked about Jeff’s first six months of experience in building his business

Jeff’s first six months in building his business was a scary switch because It was like putting all of the eggs in one basket. But at the same time, it was very invigorating in a sense that he can pitch web design or marketing services and can close 7 out of 10 people.

Jeff realized that even if he lost some clients, it is not the same as losing a job because he would still have five clients more. The most important part of the business is providing good service and value above the amount of what the clients paid for.

And then, Jeff shared the ideal clients for his business and the process of finding them.

Jeff’s ideal clients are businesses that are already established and have a marketing budget. These types of clients already understand what they want for their business.

The process includes being consistently on the lookout for businesses that may need your service such as some seemingly irrelevant Ads you come across while travelling.

We also discussed a few other fun topics, including:

  • The number of clients Jeff had when he left his corporate job.
  • Does Jeff serve a particular niche for the digital marketing service he offers?
  • Piece of advice for people who want to learn about digital marketing and how to start their own agency.
  • How does Jeff manage a location independent business? And some tools or programs he uses to make this kind of set up work.
  • When does Jeff decide that It’s time to find and hire someone else?
  • Jeff shared some of his upcoming projects or business ventures.

All that and more! But you’ll have to watch or listen to the episode to hear about those!

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