Episode 052 – How to Enrich Excellent Client-Agency Relations by Account Management

Welcome to Episode #052 of The Digital Insiders Podcast – How to Enrich Excellent Client-Agency Relations by Account Management.

This week’s featured guest is Chantell Glenville.

In this episode, Chantell talks about her exciting journey to becoming an entrepreneur and a best-selling author. She also dives into detail about the behaviors that prevent damage between clients and agencies as well as the behaviors that take client-agency relationships from good to great.

Chantell Glenville is an international best-selling author of What Clients Really Want and the Founder of JY Marketing Consultancy.

Here’s just a taste of what we talked about today:

From being a media executive and a senior account manager at different companies to becoming an entrepreneur and a best-selling author.

When Chantell was younger, she watched her parents build their own business. Seeing them work so hard for long hours made her think that if she would do the same, she might stop operating.

If she was going to create a business, she needed to learn from someone else first. Chantell knew exactly what she needed to learn and from whom. She went on to work for both direct clients and agency which turned out well for her.

But after several years, Chantell realized that she wanted to have more flexibility in her life and be able to do things on her own terms. This motivated her to set her own consultancy.

Next, we talked about how Chantell became an author. Is this something she has been wanting to do? Or something that just came about while she was working?

Being an author just naturally fell out of Chantell’s few years of working experience with both client and agency. This made her realize that there were some recurring themes that were breaking down client relationships.

Chantell wrote a book simply because she wanted to help people and be able to share the information. It was not about her becoming an author but being fortunate enough to have that experience.

And then, we talked about Chantell’s previous work on the agency side and client-side. What were her roles on both sides of the coin?

On the agency side, Chantell worked with a number of top advertising agencies in the UK. As a client services specialist, she made sure that everything worked across all media from TV to brochures.

Then Chantell went over to the client-side because she wanted to be involved and have a larger role in the tangible results from the campaigns, advertisements, and the whole marketing remit.

We also discussed a few other fun topics, including:

  • The nine essential behaviors that prevent damage between clients and agencies.
  • Five essential behaviors that take client-agency from good to great.
  • We dove deep into Chantell’s other book — Travel For Your Life.
  • How long did Chantell travel before she started writing a book and set her marketing consultancy?
  • What list of services does JY Marketing consultancy provide?
  • Who are the ideal clients for JY Marketing consultancy?
  • We take a peek at Chantell’s new projects on the horizon.
  • Books or Podcasts that Chantell is currently reading or listening to that’s helping her grow as an entrepreneur.
  • Chantell’s words of wisdom in running an agency successfully.

But you’ll have to watch or listen to the episode to hear about those fun topics!

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