Episode 046 – Connecting, Teaching, & Helping People Get What They Want

Welcome to Episode #046 of The Digital Agency Insiders Podcast – Connecting, Teaching, & Helping People Get What They Want.

Today’s featured guest is Reuben Swartz.

In this episode, Reuben shares how he found himself helping expert consultants who love serving clients — but like himself, hates selling and marketing — get even more clients without being ‘salesy’. And today, we are going to dive in and discuss exactly how that works.

Reuben is the Founder of Mimiran — a CRM++ for consultants who love serving clients but hate ‘selling’. He is also the Chief Nerd of The Sales for Nerds Podcast & Community — a podcast that brings you interviews with sales and marketing experts, including technical people, who have figured out how to hack sales and marketing so that you can avoid the same mistakes.

Here’s just a taste of what we talked about today:

We talked about a brief rundown of Reuben’s experiences prior to Mimiran and Sales for Nerds

Reuben started as a software developer in Austin Texas. He would write and develop code that would process billions of dollars for giant companies.

At first, Reuben did not care about why these companies were doing what they did. He simply wanted his code to run faster and smoother.

Over time, Reuben would get strange requests from the people who actually deployed his software to the customers. That piqued his curiosity slowly but surely.

Finally, he realized that the interesting stuff was not actually the code, it was actually the people and the organizations that try to fit all these different components together.

Next, we talked about what made Reuben want to switch from software development to sales and marketing.

Reuben shared, “I was burned out of that whole ‘.com million miles an hour thing.’ It just didn’t sit right with me even though I learned how to play that kind of game. I felt like we weren’t taking care of our customers as well as we should have because we were so focused on our own growth. And in fairness, the customers often weren’t taking very good care of us.

“I felt like everyone was working hard and going after what they wanted, but they couldn’t coordinate with other people that would actually, in a way, make it easier for them to get what they wanted.”

Reuben wanted to deliver similar gains to people by trying to bring everyone together on the same page. The more he did this, the less he became concerned with his coding background. He realized, even more, the importance of gathering people in one room to agree on stuff.

According to Reuben, it took him forever to realize that, actually, being the person who takes care of the client is a sales superpower.

And then, we talked about how the first 6 months of Mimiran looked like. Reuben detailed the hurdles he went through and how he was able to overcome them.

According to Reuben, he did almost everything wrong during the first 6 months of Mimiran. But now, he gives pep talks to people, “Hey, if you start a new business, everyone that you know and care about should know what you’re doing.”

Reuben’s advice does not mean that you go out to pitch them or sell them anything. He is saying, the people around you should just be aware that you started a business that focuses on a specific industry.

This is something he didn’t do when he launched Mimiran.

He went on to add, “It’s amazing how many people will start a business — they’re making maybe the biggest bet of their life! And they don’t tell anybody.”

We also discussed a few other fun topics, including:

  • How does Mimiran actually work? We talked about the ins and outs of Reuben’s whole process.
  • Although Reuben hates ‘selling’, he discovered that he loves connecting with people.
  • We talked about the different tasks involved in business — if it is something that is not fun to do, then you’re probably not doing it right.
  • As of this writing, Mimiran has been running for over 19 years. Has Reuben Swartz perfected his process?
  • Discover Reuben’s perspective on what a successful entrepreneur is and the biggest challenge he has faced while on that journey.
  • Reuben’s three mindset shifts for selling and marketing: Help, don’t sell. Teach, don’t market. Connect, don’t network.

All that and more! But you’ll have to watch or listen to the episode to hear about those!

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