How To Generate New Business From Dead Leads

We get emails every day from business owners scrambling to survive the Coronavirus recession. Everyone is looking for strategies and ideas to weather the storm. 

The vast majority of people completely forget about an incredible asset that is sitting right under their nose… their dead leads. Many of our clients track their outreach with a spreadsheet, or with a CRM like Pipedrive. If you do as well, this is a great resource to start generating new business. 

Here’s how to heat up those dead leads and start making sales… 

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14 Tools To Grow Your Business During The Covid Crisis

I see so many businesses right now that are saying, “The economy is doing terribly, so we’re going to stop spending money on advertising until things get back to normal.” This is like saying there’s not enough oxygen so you’re going to hold your breath…

The fact is, you need to advertise more during a recession. And in fact, all of the things business normally do become more important:

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10 Industries Unaffected By Coronavirus (That You Can Pitch With Your Services)

It’s true that times are tough. If you’re scared or hurting, you’re 100% justified to feel that way. I totally understand, and I’d be lying if I said I’ve felt uncertainty creep in as well. 

But at the same time, there are massive opportunities being created right now. And if we can take a moment to collect ourselves and focus on taking proactive steps, you just might realize there are ways to actually grow your business bigger and faster than you ever imagined. 

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The Right (And Wrong) Way To Send Cold Emails During Coranavirus

In my business, and the businesses my team run (because a lot of them run their own agencies, just how we teach), we’ve been sending tons of cold emails and we’ve been surprising even ourselves with how many sales we’re making.

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The Ethical Way To Profit From Uncertainty

The reality is, chaos creates opportunities. Fortunes will be lost, but fortunes will be made as well. And if we play our cards right this can actually be an incredible period of growth for our businesses. And even more importantly, we have a huge opportunity to do good in our communities, to help our clients weather this storm, and to provide guidance and reassurance to people who are desperate for it. 

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How To Recession Proof Your Agency

The bad news is that this is going to happen again. I guarantee you there will be more recessions, more dips, and more economic crashes during your life as an agency owner.

But the good news is that you can plan for it. This is a part of life as a business owner, and you can start doing things today to protect yourself.

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How To Use A Free Giveaway To Launch Your Digital Agency Fast

I talk to people all the time who say, “I understand why Gary Vee and Michael Hyatt need big email lists, but my business is different. My goal is to get to ten clients paying me $1,000 per month. Is it even worth it for me to create a lead magnet and build my list?” 

The answer is a resounding yes. 

And the best part is, I’m going to show you a strategy I’ve developed for creating high-value lead magnets lightning fast. 

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How to Build a Digital Marketing Agency with Cold Email Reach-Outs

While cold emails are an intimidating type of digital communication for many of us, they can work. In fact, people have built entire companies on little more than cold emails.

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3 Ways To Create Massive Growth Fast By Using Audience First Marketing

Most people have a big idea.
A business they believe in. A podcast that excites them. A YouTube channel that would genuinely help people. 
But the vast majority of people never pursue their big idea. They keep dreaming about it and talking about it, but they never take the steps to bring it to life. 
Is it because they’re lazy? Is it because they don’t have what it takes? 

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How to Find Local Clients (And Make More Money with Newsletter Services)

Too many times over the years, we’ve seen agencies spend so much time, effort and essentially, money trying to acquire business from those types of businesses who aren’t operating effectively. The goal of your agency should be to provide an opportunity to take some of these marketing tasks off their plate so they can concentrate on running an efficient business.

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