Do you know what the biggest difference is between successful business owners and struggling owners?

I’ve worked with thousands of both, and it almost always comes down to one crucial distinction…

Struggling business owners take on any project. They’re always looking for new problems to solve, new jobs to say yes to, and new services to charge money for.

Successful business owners get good at just one thing.

They only say yes to one kind of problem. And as a result they know every nook and cranny. They know every tip and trick to speed up success. And they know how to overcome every obstacle that might pop up because they’ve seen it all.

Whereas the strugglers are always chasing the next paycheck, the successful are trusted experts in their fields. People line up around the block to work with them.

And they charge a premium because their expertise and experience is worth it.

So here’s my advice to you: pick one thing and get so good that you can charge at least $1,000-$1,500 per month per customer.

I know what you’re thinking… easier said than done. Right?

I promise you… YOU CAN DO IT.

No matter who you are or what your business is, the fact that you’re here right now means you have the drive to level up your skills. And you have the desire to hit home runs for your clients. There’s no other way you could have found my blog.

And that alone puts you above 95% of the competition. (Because they’re all busy sending spam emails blasts, and getting distracted by Jimmy Fallon YouTube videos.)

Now I know the voice in the back of your head is saying “But if I tell a prospect that my service costs $1,500, I’ll scare them away! They’ll never pay it!”

So in this article I’m going to map out exactly how my students close $1,500 flagship products all the time. My goal is that by demystifying the process of selling these “expensive” products, I can convince you that you’re selling yourself short.

You can charge $1,500/month per client. And actually much, much more. And here’s how…

Step 1: Create a “hook service”

You’ve probably heard me say before: sales is all about relationships.

You wouldn’t ask someone to marry you on the first date. Likewise you can’t ask a prospect to sign up for a $1,500 service on your first interaction.

You need to build a relationship first. You need to get them to know, like, and trust you.

One of my favorite ways to do this is with a “hook service.” Like the name implies, this is a small introductory service that helps you get your foot in the door. Then you “hook” them, and then reel them in to sell your flagship service.

A hook service I use all the time is a Total Brand Makeover. For a flat fee, you’ll redesign a business’s logo, along with all of their social media images and graphics.

But the sales pitch isn’t “I’ll create pretty images for you.” It’s “I’ll create a cohesive brand that ties all of your social profiles together and makes you look like a million bucks.”

Do you think a business would pay $1,000 to raise their status online? Would they pay $1,500 for their customers to perceive them as being a premium brand?

Of course! (I know this for a fact because clients have paid me that much for this exact service countless times.)

The best part is you can outsource most of the work. I use ​Canva​ for almost all of my graphic design, and I use ​Logo Nerds​ for creating logos. I pitch the service to my clients, but I get a third party service to do the work.

(If this makes you skeptical, read my article ​5 Reasons Why You MUST Raise Your Rates to​ learn how you can do this… and why your customers ​want​ you to.)

This isn’t the only hook service you can offer. There are unlimited options.

Get creative. Just make sure that whatever you offer is…

Low-cost to you
High-value to them
Ego-driven (meaning it makes their business look good. So they’ll want to show off your work, and refer you to other businesses)
Low-priced and low-risk to them

The most important thing to keep in mind is that we’re not going to generate big revenues with this service.

This can’t dominate your time. The goal is simply to give you an excuse to talk to the business owner on a regular basis, so they come to know, like, and trust you.

Step 2: Get it in front of prospects

Once we know what our hook service is, it’s time to get it in front of potential customers.

First we need to identify our ideal clients. You should be able to put together a “hit list” with just an hour of research.

Search on Google for businesses in your area
Look up businesses listed on your local Chamber of Commerce directory
Find the social media profiles of local businesses and see who is on top of their game… and who needs help

When you have your list of target customers you’re ready to start reaching out. But you don’t want to just email them and say “Hey do you want my hook service?” You want an excuse to contact them and offer value.

Here’s one of my favorite methods…
Pick a local charity you believe in (It has to be someone that has “a face” in the community).

Print up flyers that say “The YOUR AGENCY HERE is pledging to help 10 businesses in YOUR TOWN by giving them a $1,500 Business Identity Upgrade Package for just $200. All profits go to TOWN NAME’S LOCAL CHARITY.”

Go into local businesses all over town and ask them if you can put up one of these flyers in their office.

Now after a single afternoon of putting up these flyers, do you think you’re going to have tons of businesses interested in your service?


And the best part is, you didn’t have to push your service on them. You didn’t have to use high-pressure sales tactics.

Instead, you had business owners thinking “Hmm, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to freshen up our online image, and now is the perfect time to do so. We’ll save a ton of money and we’ll help a great cause.”

Step 3: Upsell your flagship service 

At this point, you might be thinking “Great, we have local businesses interested in our service. But it doesn’t matter because they’re getting a huge discount, and we’re giving all the profits away anyways.”

But remember, the point isn’t to make money here. The point is to have fun working with clients.

Here’s what I mean…

People feel a connection with people they’ve worked with. Cooperating builds rapport. And overcoming problems together builds a level of intimacy.

So when you’re doing a business’s brand makeover, you want to get them involved. Don’t waste their time, but find ways where you can collaborate and have fun.

At the end of the process, you want them to feel like you went through the trenches together. They feel connected to you. And they’ve witnessed your expertise and professionalism firsthand.

Now after the hook service is complete, send them an email saying “I really enjoyed working with you. Could I get 5-10 minutes to show you something I think you’re going to love?”

If you’ve already spent a lot of face-to-face time, the answer will undoubtedly be yes.

Making the pitch

Now you’re all teed up to hit a home run.

If you would have cold called the client to make a pitch, you probably wouldn’t have even gotten past the receptionist. But now that you have a relationship and have built a track record, the cards are massively stacked in your favor.

But that’s not to say that it’s easy.
For many people the idea of switching into sales mode causes massive anxiety.

That’s why I teach my students how to avoid sales mode entirely by switching into education mode instead. I don’t have time to get into it here… just know that it works and it’s fun.

Check out my article ​How To Get Clients From A Distance​ where I show you exactly how to do it. In fact, in steps 4 and 5 there are exact phrases and strategies you can use that make this a seamless transition.

Let’s get the gears spinning…

Now that you know how to use hook services to build relationships with clients, I’d love to get a conversation going.

Post a comment below telling us what your flagship service is, and what your hook service is going to be. If you’re having a hard time designing your hook service, we can help each other brainstorm and design killer offerings.

And let me reiterate… my not-so-secret goal with this article was to demystify selling $1,500 flagship services. Now you know how to do it, and I promise it can work for you too!

We also have an ebook called Micro Service Millionaire. It shows specific services you can offer to local businesses, as well as an exact roadmap to getting to $10,000/month in recurring revenue. It pairs perfectly with this strategy.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you in the comments!


  1. Robin on December 10, 2019 at 5:58 am

    My niche is Chiropractors and I’ve been trying to come up with a hook service. I like the idea of a brand makeover but I am sure that would work for Chiropractors. My flagship services are Chatbots, Facebook Ads Website. design. I would love some help brainstorming some hook services.

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