You know that content marketing and building an audience is an essential part of running a business in 2019. But you see these huge brands with massive followings and it seems like you’re too far behind to catch up.

You see these entrepreneurs and influencers creating tons of content on every platform. You hear Gary V talking about hustling and crushing it. It seems overwhelming.

I know this is a secret fear for countless entrepreneurs because I talk to them every day. They tell me they’re worried it’s too late.

So what’s the truth? Has the ship sailed? Do you need to wait for the next opportunity?

Absolutely not.

The internet is about to go through a massive shift. You can take advantage of it to grow your business, build an impactful brand, and put your product in front of raving customers.

But you need to have a system to do it.
In this article I’m going to walk you through the entire process- start to finish. You’re going to learn:

1.) What this massive shift is and how you can take advantage of it
2.) What kind of content you should be creating that potential customers are hungry for
3.) A powerful formula for creating great content lightning fast
4.) How to do 10% more work and get 500% more output for your content (this is the secret to “being everywhere”)

If you’re ready to stop dabbling in social media and start dominating it, this article is your roadmap.

The Coming Internet Revolution – And How You Can Take Advantage

You may not realize it, but the technology that changed our lives in a huge way, is itself going through a huge change.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you run. You can be in physical products, digital products, software, brick-and-mortar, or anything else. If you want to succeed in 2019 and beyond, you must adapt to this shift.

If you take advantage of it, you will tap into hordes of eager buyers. They will come to trust you and even love you. And they will turn into raving, loyal, paying customers.

But if you don’t take advantage of this… you’ll get left in the dust.
So what is this change in the internet I’m talking about?

Creating videos for your business is absolutely one of the most crucial things you can do moving forward.
You might be thinking “Ben, aren’t you exaggerating a little bit? Video… a massive shift?”
I want to drive home the magnitude of what I’m talking about. Take a look at this graph:

YouTube ​by itself​ currently accounts for almost 20% of all internet traffic.  And it’s getting ready to explode.

Take a look at this:

Over the next two years, online video will make up 80% of ALL internet traffic.
Just imagine what this means for the daily life and habits of your potential customers. Check this out:

The average American adult spends an hour and a half online every day, and a quarter of that time is spent watching video. (For younger demographics these numbers are ​much​ higher.)

And here’s one last graph:

More than half of all consumers want to see more videos from businesses they shop with.

I know I just buried you in numbers and statistics, but this is the bottom line… people are spending enormous amounts of time watching online video. And that number is skyrocketing.

Many entrepreneurs (especially in the brick-and-mortar world) think this revolution won’t affect them. They think online video means Netflix and funny Facebook clips. And they think the business world is separate.

They are sorely mistaken. And their businesses are about to get pulverized, because people expect to see video for nearly everything… including businesses they spend money with.

It’s easy to look at the competition and think “If I would have gotten started in 2013 I’d be successful by now. But it’s too late.” This is PRECISELY the reason why you have such a huge opportunity.

That’s because everyone else is thinking the same thing. Your competition is using it as an excuse to not get started. But little do they realize, in just two years they’re going to look back and wish they would have gotten started ​today.

While everyone else is crying about “oversaturation,” you can dive in right now and ride this cresting wave to success. But you have to get started.

Figure Out What Your Videos Should Be About (And Identify Topics Your Viewers Will Love)

By now you’re probably thinking “OK Ben, I believe you! You’re right, I should start making videos. But I don’t know what I should talk about. (Or I have too many ideas and don’t know where to start!)”

I work with people like this every day. I work with chiropractors, dentists, and all sorts of local businesses. They’re all people who say “My industry isn’t interesting enough to film videos. Nobody wants to watch what we do.

But guess what… they’re all 100% wrong. We help people like this ​every day​ create amazing videos that their customers love.

Generally we teach 5 main kinds of videos. And you can do the same thing too:

1) Story Videos

Humans love stories. We’re programmed to share information through storytelling.
Take advantage of this. Anyone can film a video that says “Hey, I want to teach you XYZ…”

But if you can tell a great story, it will stick in people’s minds. It will bring your message to life. It will take the viewer on a journey. They’ll attach emotions to the things you’re teaching, which will make it even more powerful.

And here’s a pro tip. Great stories usually involve struggle… the trials you went through, the pain that led you into this journey, and what you had to overcome.

Most of the time we try to hide our struggles. We want to bury our pain. But there is a lot of value in sharing that story. It makes you human, and it helps people relate to you because we all have our own struggles.

People like buying products, but they love buying products from people they know, like and trust. And the easiest way to get people to know, like, and trust you is to tell your story.

2) FAQ Videos

No matter what industry you’re in, there are always things you have to explain over and over again.

When I had my chiropractic practice, I found myself teaching a certain set of exercises all the time. And 90% of my clients all needed to hear the exact same advice about sitting in their chair at work for hours at a time.

I started filming videos of these explanations. So rather than saying the same thing for the thousandth time, I could just send someone a link to the video.

And rather than having to get someone to come into my office to hear my advice, now an unlimited amount of people could hear my expertise online.

Most people are worried “But if I give away my information for free, why will they come into my office and pay for my services?!”

The information will demonstrate your expertise and build trust and rapport with your customers. But here’s the thing… they need help taking action. Knowledge is only a piece of the puzzle, they need help implementing it.

You can sell the solution. Create products that automate, simplify, and scale. Trust me, this will send your business through the roof.

3) Behind The Scenes Videos

I hate to break it to you, but your clients are nosey. They just can’t seem to mind their own business! (I’m not trying to be rude, mine are too.)

It’s human nature. When we do business with someone, we can’t help but think “Where did this person come from? What is their story? Is it something I can get behind? Are they like me? Are they not like me?”

People want to see behind the scenes. They want to see what’s going on in your office. They want to see how your business works.

And this is the problem. All of us think our lives are super boring. We think “Why would anybody want to hear my story? Why would anybody want to get behind the scenes of my life?”

But the thing is, people absolutely love it. That’s why reality TV is so popular even to this day.

So pull back the curtain and give people a humanizing look into the day-to-day operation of your business. Start looking around your business and find the “boring” daily tasks you can show your customers.

4) “Why” videos

There’s a reason you got into the business you’re in.

Sure you wanted to make a lot of money. But if that was the only reason, you would have been a banker. Or a bank robber.

There’s something deeper than that…
There’s a cause you’re passionate about.
There’s a message you believe in.
There’s something that lights you up that you just can’t stop talking about.

A lot of your early customers will come from people that see themselves in you. And when you talk about all these things, people love that and they will bond with you.

So while it’s great to talk about business, take time to step back. Talk about the big picture. Talk about the “why.”

People might not understand the nuts-and-bolts of your business, but they will understand the passion and the purpose.

5) How-To Videos

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the planet (behind Google obviously).

So more and more, when someone wants to learn something or is looking for the answer to a problem, they’re not searching for articles to read. Now they’re looking for videos where they can watch someone teach the information they want.

You need to take advantage of this. You need to start putting yourself in places where people are already searching for the kind of information you provide.

But there’s another critical point:

Google owns YouTube. And you’ve probably already noticed, Google is increasingly showing YouTube videos in your search results. So when you create a video and you pay attention to certain keywords, not only will you rank high in YouTube. You’ll also start ranking in Google search.

By creating how-to videos, you essentially get the double-benefit of leveraging two platforms at once. So you can become a trusted source very quickly. OK, so now that you know what you’re going to talk about, it’s time to talk about how to film killer videos…

How To Outline Content Your Followers (And The Social Media Algorithms) Will Love

If you were going to write a 200 page book, would you sit down and just start writing? Would you figure it out as you go?

Of course not. You would write an outline first.

You would figure out what you wanted to say. You’d compile all of your stories. You’d break it down into sections and chapters.

But for some strange reason, people don’t film their videos like this. They just turn on the camera, start talking, and get frustrated when they’ve given the same line 50 times but can’t get the words to come out right.

That’s why I’ve developed a structure I use for all of my videos. It makes it fast and painless for me to film high-quality videos. But more importantly, it also makes it easy for my viewers to digest. Not to mention it makes the algorithms happy so my content gets suggested more.

Here’s the exact outline, so you can use it too:

1) Instantly grab their attention

As soon as the video starts, you need to jump right into what the video is about. You only have a few seconds to catch the viewer’s attention and help them decide if they’re interested in the information.

So without any distractions, and with no fluff, give them a concise idea of what they’re going to learn. For example: “Today we’re going to talk about ______, and how you can achieve _______ even if _______.”

It only needs to be a couple sentences, so a good way to think about this like the title of your video. It’s a one-two punch that makes the viewer sit up and say “That sounds awesome, I want to learn that!”

2) Introduce yourself

Next, tell the viewer who you are and what the channel is normally about. You want to give some context so they know they’re in the right place.

“I’m your host ______ and you’re watching ______, where we help ______ like you accomplish _______.”

This helps your viewer say “Cool, I’m an entrepreneur/writer/mom/athlete/guitarist/whatever too, and I also want to accomplish that thing. I should pay attention!”

3) Ask the viewer to subscribe

The average person needs to hear a Call-To-Action several times before they actually act. So whatever your CTA is at the end, it helps to give it at the beginning too.

Plus, not everyone will watch the whole video, so we want to make sure they don’t miss it.

“We have some amazing stuff coming up on this channel, so make sure you hit the bell so you don’t miss anything.”

4) Reintroduce the subject in more detail

In the intro, you explained the topic of the video in just a couple sentences, to grab the viewer’s attention. Now you’re going to say it again, but in more detail.

This time you can include things like:

Why is this a timely thing to talk about?
Why is it important to learn this information?
What does it feel like to struggle with the problem you’re talking about?
What will the viewer know how to do by the end of the video?

The first intro is kind of like hooking a fish. This time as we go into more depth, it’s like we’re starting to reel the fish in. We’re setting the hook deeper. We’re making sure our viewer is 100% locked in, and we’re really piquing their interest so they want to keep watching and learning.

5) Teach the content

This is where we dive into the actual content of the video.
Usually what I do is write 5 bullet points that I want to cover.
If I’m teaching how to do something I’ll break it into five steps.
If I’m trying to convince the viewer of something, I’ll think of five supporting arguments.
If I’m telling a story, I’ll pull out five important lessons.

Depending on the amount of content, I might make five sub-points for each one.

Then all I have to do is put an iPad in front of me with a presentation on it. It doesn’t need to be in-depth, just the five points with their five sub-points that I want to hit. This makes it really easy for me to look at each prompt, talk about what I want to cover, then move onto the next thing.

It’s also really important to use examples. Each point on your outline might only be one sentence, but then you can tell a short story or give an example to bring it to life. This will make your content more memorable and powerful for your reader. And once you get comfortable with this, it also helps you make great videos really quickly.

6) Give a quick recap

Once you get through the content portion, you’re going to go back and review the main points.

I’m a big fan of the strategy: “Tell them what you’re going to tell them. Tell them. Tell them what you told them.”

This might sound like overkill, but you want to make it completely obvious what the takeaways and the lessons are.

Plus, by summarizing the key points you can say “Alright, so the five things again are… Now you know how to _____. Isn’t that cool?!”

Instead of hoping your viewer came to the conclusion you want them to, you get to plant the idea in their head that they now have new knowledge or skills. It helps solidify the value that you offered, and it establishes you as the expert.

7) Give a CTA (Call-To-Action)

Next you’re going to give a call to action. Say something like:

1.) “Now go put this into action.”
2.) “Go opt-in below.”
3.) “Click on the links in the description.”

It’s always a great idea to give them something to do when they’re done watching the video. How can they keep the momentum going? How can they can get more value from you? Give them a way to continue on the journey with you.

8) Ask them to subscribe again

It’s hard to get in front of a viewer for the first time.

Your video had to end up in their search results. Or the YouTube algorithm had to suggest one of your videos. Or someone shared your video on Facebook.

Now that the hard work is done, we want to make sure it’s much easier in the future. If we can get them to subscribe and click the notification bell, next time they’ll see our video as soon as it comes out.

9) Sign off

Finally, at the very end we want to say goodbye and thank the viewer for watching.

If you want, you can even give a short teaser of what’s ahead. Open a loop in their mind so they want to tune in next time.

Or you can simply say something like “See you next time” so that it plants the seed that this isn’t the last video they’re going to watch from you.  Use this outline for yourself and you’ll be creating killer videos in no-time. And if you’d like to kickstart your videos, download our ​Perfect YouTube Outline​ worksheet. Just fill in the blanks and you’ll be ready in minutes to hit record!

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